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Then you are in the right place!! I believe that every couple deserves to have an incredible experience leading up to, and on their wedding day.  And because of that, I stand by this statement: my business isn't about pictures, it's about people. It's not about weddings, it's about marriages. It's not about transactions, it's about relationships. And it's not about one day, it's about a lifetime. I love what I do, and can't wait to connect!


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Hey, I'm laura!

I’m a wedding and brand photographer for joyful, adventurous, heart-centered, fun-seeking couples and creative entrepreneurs.  In my heart of hearts, I'm an outdoor lover and adventure seeker, as long as my best friend and love of my life, Scott is by my side.  I'm most at home in the mountains or on water, am rarely seen without a blanket wrapped around me, feel happiest around a firepit, and am completely obsessed with elephants and love stories.

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I will cry at your wedding. It’s almost inevitable that it’ll happen at least 4 times.

I will laugh with you, dance with you and probably take a selfie with you (I may even start a dance circle, and do the worm- or the running man at the very least).

I will not only care about making your wedding the most fun and special day of your life, but I will care about your marriage, because my business isn’t about one special day, it’s about the start of a lifetime.

Before we go any further
you should know...

I will care about your family and friends, because if they’re important to you, they’re important to me too.

But mostly, I will care about you. Whether that’s fluffing your dress, fixing the bowtie, trading shoes with you when your feet hurt, crying during your vows, bringing tissues to your first look, or just being your friend, I will care about you, and your relationship, and your wedding like it’s my own.

And lastly, you should know, that you’ll be leaving with a friend at the end of all of this.

You might be a Laura Lee couple if you love...

Being on the Water
Snuggling on the couch together
Gilmore Girls
Your family
Road trips
Going to wineries and breweries
Elephants + Thailand
Holding hands
Rustic decor
Hanging out with your dog
DIY Projects
Coffee with a friend
Dreaming Big
Waterfalls (Especially in Iceland)
Hanging with Friends
Each Other

the laura lee couple

The Laura Lee Bride

The Laura Lee Bride is passionate, and full of life.  She cares deeply about her fiance, her friends, and her family, and is intentional with the time she gets to spend with them. She is fun-loving, always up for an adventure, and isn't afraid to try new things.

She's not afraid to get her shoes a little dirty, or hike to the perfect spot for a great view, or jump in the water for a perfect photo, but at the same time, she's equal parts carefree and classy.

She loves getting dressed up for a night out with her fiance or her girls, but she's most at home in yoga pants and a top-bun.

She believes life should be full of adventures, and that it's always better with her best friend by her side.

She is genuine and caring, writes thank you notes, and loves to be organized, but she's not afraid to go with the flow.

Most of all, she's planning a beautiful wedding, but an even more beautiful marriage.

the laura lee bride

The Laura Lee Groom

The Laura Lee Groom is caring, loyal, and full of life.  He cares deeply about the people in his life, and is always trying to make others laugh. Chivalry is not dead on him, and he's loyal to a fault to everyone in his life.  He is fun-loving, always up for an adventure, and isn't afraid to try new things.

The perfect day for him would be an adventure with the love of his life (best friend)- whether that's hiking, kayaking, going for a walk in the park, or just hanging out in the backyard with some craft brews and good friends.

He's most excited to see his bride on the wedding day, isn't afraid to cry and share his emotions, and is kind hearted to a fault.

He is genuine and caring, and is a hard worker-especially when it comes to his passions.

Most of all, he's head over heels in love with his beautiful bride-to-be and isn't afraid to show it.

the laura lee groom

The Laura Lee Couple

this is my story...

Collections for wedding & portrait photography range from elopements to full wedding day, all-inclusive options. Collections for 8 hour wedding coverage begins at $5850 and include two photographers, and engagement session, download and print rights to your high res images.

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laying on a beach

hanging with my family

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